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Transistor matching fee

Transistor matching fee

Prijs: €5.00 (incl. 21 % btw)

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Some transistors can be matched (depending on stock and what is needed). Due to additional time an extra fee is applied if you want to match transistors.

Examples of matching are:

  • Vgs matching of mosfets (same type or complementary pair)
  • Idss matching of fets (same type or complementary pair)
  • hFE matching of bipolar transistors (same type or complementary pair)

Please let me know very clearly which kind of matching you desire, so I can give an estimate if and how is achievable.

Note that this fee needs to be applied only once for each (complementary) serie. So if you want matched pairs of 5x2SK1058 and 5x2SJ162 complementary mosfets, you pay it once (plus the normal price of the mosfets of course)


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Laatste update: Thursday, 18 August 2022 19:13

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