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Build your own audio equipment using our high quality designs!
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Analog cinch cable

Analog cinch cable 2x male - 2x male with gold plated contacts

€2.54 (incl. 21 % btw)

Cable 2xjack6.35-cinch 1.5m

Cable 2x jack 6.35 mono male - cinch 1.5m

€4.07 (incl. 21 % btw)

Digital cinch cable

Digital cinch cable male - male available in various lengths

€3.56 (incl. 21 % btw)

HDMI 1.3 cable

Gold plated high speed HDMI cable in various lengths

€3.05 (incl. 21 % btw)

HDMI-DVI cable

Gold plated HDMI to DVI cable in various lengths

€4.27 (incl. 21 % btw)

Jack cable mono 6m

Professional mono 6.35mm jack cable 6m

€5.08 (incl. 21 % btw)

Jack3.5mm - 2xcinch cable

Cable jack3.5mm stereo - cinch 2x male in various lengths

€2.54 (incl. 21 % btw)

Konig loudspeaker cable (per meter)

Konig OFC loudspeaker cable in various widths (per meter)

€0.51 (incl. 21 % btw)

Loudspeaker cable (per meter)

Loudspeaker cable in various widths (per meter)

€0.51 (incl. 21 % btw)

PVC wire 0.75mm2 (per meter)

PVC installation wire 20 awg, 0.75 mm2. Available in various colors, for general use.

€0.20 (incl. 21 % btw)

PVC wire 1.5mm2 (per meter)

PVC installation wire 16 awg, 1.5 mm2. Available in various colors, ideal for internal amplifier cabling due to high current rating

€0.31 (incl. 21 % btw)

Ribbon/IDC cable (per 25cm)

Ribbon/IDC cable 1.27mm (per 25cm)

€0.36 (incl. 21 % btw)

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