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SubD gender changer 9F

SubD gender changer 9-pins female
[Product Details...]

€1.53 (including 21 % tax)

SubD gender changer 9M

SubD gender changer 9-pins male
[Product Details...]

€1.53 (including 21 % tax)

Transistor matching fee

Transistor matching fee (applied once for each matched serie)
[Product Details...]

€5.00 (including 21 % tax)

TripleRegulated EI38 supply

Triple regulated supply using EI-38 transformers
[Product Details...]

€12.00 (including 21 % tax)

TSOP1138 infrared receiver

TSOP1138 infrared receiver
[Product Details...]

€1.09 (including 21 % tax)

USB to TTL module

USB to serial module with 3.3V TTL level. Can be used for debugging and firmware upgrade of the PreampController.
[Product Details...]

€7.99 (including 21 % tax)

Vertical trimmer 10mm

Vertical single turn potmeter for pcb connection 10mm
[Product Details...]

€0.41 (including 21 % tax)

Display #  
Results 141 - 147 of 147
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Orders can only be handled from the new webshop. Not all products are yet transferred, so the old catalogus is left as a reference. Please let me know if you would like to order products that are not yet present in the new webshop.


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